ugggh i got sucked into working on my day off im so peeved. thank god its only 4 hours. i have to clean my room so i have a places to put all the shit i bought at fusion lol

goodnight everyone! UuU

do you ever see a post so obnoxious you subconsciously whisper “fuck off" as you’re scrolling past it





Okay, so,

Maggie is Pikachu from Pokemon
Lisa is Mikasa from SNK
Bart is Naruto from Naruto
Homer is Zoro from One Piece
Marge is Rangiku from Bleach

Who is Santa’s Little Helper suppose to be?

Haku from Spirited Away


When Teutron does the banners:


When Lewis does the banners:


Also i should let you all know that i met the english voice actress for Happy (from Fairy Tail) i almost took a selfie with her but i feel bad because i had only watched 3 episodes haha

tonight was a good night. im pretty sure my manager likes me. likes me enough to trust me. i like this. i like this a lot.

Should i buy super smash bros?????? i kind of really want to but its $40 and i feel like i could buy something else but i could always buy something else idk

anyone who has it, how often do you play it and how fun is it?


Monster Girl Monday! True Monster

Have you ever seen The Thing? Not the bad 2011 prequel, the older 1982 version with the disgusting practical effects. That’s what I imagine a true monster to be. Something that can blend in with humanity, but at the same time evolve and change into something that barely resembles a human at all. I’ll admit, all that body horror squicked me out real bad as a youngin, but you just have to recognize good nightmare fuel when it’s there.

Click here for more monster girls

booleanearth replied to your post: seriously tho i was alone the entire c…

I have done that! It’s why I never go to cons; I have no one to hang out with.

yeah the whole time i was like “omg this would be way less depressing if i have a group like every other person ever here.”

and then i was like “maybe i should make friends i mean everyone talks about making con friends” but the only people who talked to me were really weird and just rambled on and on about things and it was no fun

seriously tho i was alone the entire con. imagine walking around a small con and seeing that one girl who is always alone and sitting alone and doing things alone and looks terrible pathetic and awkward and sad and you’ve basically seen me.

im not kidding i kept getting sympathy looks from other congoers. i felt like an orphan.